Streamline Travel Management with SkyLink's AI: Effortless, Cost-Effective, and Delightful

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From individuals to enterprise: SkyLink is designed to flexibly meet the travel needs of any size company

Business / Enterprise
Integrate into your current tech stack to maintain workflows
Enable travel management across chat, enterprise messaging, and email all through natural language
Realtime track delays and changes to auto-suggest rebooking
Costs under $5 per booking (i.e., Avg TMC cost is 500% more than SkyLink and takes more time)¹
Uses Artificial Intelligence to understand what is said in spoken English (i.e., not just a chatbot)
Native integrations into T&E, Accounting, and management software

A Global Travel Solution on your Current Stack

SkyLink can standalone or integrate with your current Travel Management + Messaging Software and turbocharge it with Artificial Intelligence

Air Travel

Manage flights directly off Slack or Teams and track delays and rebookings


Book hotels just like you would with your TMC right on your current travel software

Cars & Trains

Leverage your Current Transport Booking Software with SkyLink's AI

A Seamless Integration across your Entire Technology Stack

Manage all your Integrations on one single dashboard.
See all bookings, savings, and changes

Integrating with...

Enterprise Travel Systems,  Messaging Apps, and Internal Systems across your Current Technology Stack